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Distributed to leading research establishments, contract research organisations and educational establishments studying laboratory animal science, Lab Animal Asia Pacific is the publication of choice for laboratory animal science professionals.

Produced quarterly and packed with Asian content and topical issues.

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Current Issue

May 2017

Volume 8 | No. 2



Printing cures:  Organovo advances with 3D-printed liver tissue

Ellen P. Neff


Constructing an inexpensive and versatile homemade rodent treadmill

Steven Bouganim & Andreas Bergdahl


The effect of early life experience, environment, and genetic factors on spontaneous home-cage aggression-related wounding in male C75BL/6 mice

Brianna N Gaskill, Aurora M Stottler, Joseph P Garner, Christina W Winnicker, Guy B Mulder & Kathleen R Pritchett-Corning

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